Wells Fargo reinstates diverse slate hiring policy following June pause

Wells Fargo (WFC.N) reinstated a hiring policy that requires recruiters to interview a diverse pool of candidates nearly two months after its suspension in June, the bank said on Monday.

The U.S. bank had paused the hiring policy in June after the New York Times reported such interviews were often fake and conducted even though the job had already been promised to someone else.

Over the past few weeks, Wells Fargo completed a review of diverse candidate hiring approaches and interviewed recruiters and hiring managers to improve implementation of guidelines, according to a statement.

“Our review helped us to identify opportunities where we can further improve how the guidelines are implemented,” said Bei Ling, chief human resources officer at Wells Fargo.

The bank is resuming application of the guidelines effective August 19 and expects a 50% diversity in both the candidates interviewed and the panel of interviewers.